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    Topic Perfixes Shown on Homepage

    • *****

        Reputation : 11
        Registered on : 2014-04-25
        Posts : 153
        Love Fmcodes
      i followed this tutorial https://www.fmcodes.com/t930p30-add-prefixes-for-your-topics-list
      it works perfect and thank u.
      Now, my question is if its possible /and how to put these perfixes on the homepage (at topic titles) like the image:
      forget about the link with red border..

      Topic Perfixes Shown on Homepage CN99M2D

      Last edited by J0k3R^ on Tue May 20, 2014 12:12 pm; edited 1 time in total

      • Manager

          Reputation : 30
          Registered on : 2012-04-17
          Posts : 199

        so, it works, but the issue is that you have all that alt (it is called this way) value, right? :bene:

        try to use (for example)
        <span id=\'perfixR\' alt=\' \'>REVIEW</span>

        just add this attribute
        alt=\' \'

        Welcome on the forum of Codes
        • *****

            Reputation : 11
            Registered on : 2014-04-25
            Posts : 153
            Love Fmcodes
          tiffany u didnt understand me :)
          id ike to show the perfixes from topics list from the tutorial here to the homepage too like the image. forget about the alt it was my mistake :)
          plz reread my previous post, thank you

          • Guest

              You can just paste the HTML codes of your perfixes somewhere in your "index_body" or "index_box" template, where you would like them to show up.

              For example, if you have a perfix with this HTML code
              <span class="imageA">TitleA</span>
              , just paste it in one of the two templates, and it will show up on the homepage.

              I see what you mean now. I'll explore and see if I can create something like this.

              • *****

                  Reputation : 11
                  Registered on : 2014-04-25
                  Posts : 153
                  Love Fmcodes
                okey thank u Mathias i will wait for ur feedback :)

                • Support Moderator

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                    Registered on : 2014-03-11
                    Posts : 299
                    Helping on the forum

                  As anyone replied to this topic after 15 days from the latest comment's date, the problem is considered solved or abandoned.

                  This topic is locked and moved to the appropriate section, thanks for the opening of another topic, of course be care of Respecting the rules. You can ask to open this topic again sending a private message to a team member

                  See you on fmcodes

                  FMCodes Support Moderator

                  I am very active now! Feel free to PM me anytime.

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