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    Looking for staff

    The forum has just opened so we havent enough staff (as you can see). To become part of our team we decided that you can PM us to ask to join in the team.

    You have just to contact the General Administrator (Niko) and you have just to introduce yourself to let us understand who you are.
    To join in the team of The forum of Codes you :

  • Must be at least 12 years old,
  • Have to behave with the other staff members,
  • Have to accepted claims (by the managers),
  • Have to be expert in internet languages or in graphic,
  • Have to respect rules.

  • Hope you will try to join in our staff! :) If you have any questions you can contact Niko, that will help you with our staff. First you will start as a trainee staffand after 30 days we will make a review of your work.

    About promotions...

    This part is only for the staff;
    If the managers think that you are really expert and you behave they will promote you to a different group, for example if you are a the best support moderator you will be promoted to Manager (Moderator).

    Avoid asking to the staff what you can do, if you are good, ecc. We will contact you if we think that you can help us in a different way.

    The Forum of Codes TEAM

    Niko wants you in the team Guest

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