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    • I'm a new member :)

        Reputation : 0
        Registered on : 2014-04-15
        Posts : 5
        Love Fmcodes
      Hai... I do believe I was a staff here known as JayMist (something like this...) but I disappeared...

      My name is Airiana, but known online as Jay. I am a 17 year old female who loves to roleplay. I work as an IT Technician-in-training at a BioMed building. I hope to get my Interactive Media major!

      I love to chat so you can show me a message whenever!

      • Administrator

          Reputation : 317
          Registered on : 2012-02-22
          Posts : 2366
          School of codes courses: coming soon
        Welcome on fmcodes Airiana :bene:

        what a beautiful name

        Niko wants you in the team Guest

        Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

        • I'm a new member :)

            Reputation : 0
            Registered on : 2014-04-15
            Posts : 5
            Love Fmcodes
          Why thank you :D
          You guys still needing staff? I would love to apply!

          • Manager

              Reputation : 31
              Registered on : 2012-04-17
              Posts : 199
            Hello ShadesOfJay

            we are always looking for new staff members thanks

            all what you have to do is showing us your abilities (graphic design, coding, developping, etc.) and if you are good enough to help our community growing we will hire you ASAP

            welcome on fmcodes

            i want to remind you some of the important topics and sections of this wonderful forum


            NOT JUST CODES

            OTHER SERVICES

            • => Coding assistance
              Receive support for your forum and your codes
            • => Forum friends
              Find partners ad affiliaites for your forums, or become partner of Fmcodes
            • => Forum ReStyle
              Ask pratical suggestions with codes and design stuffs for your forum
            • => Graphic requests, themes, and more
              Discover the other side of forum management
            • => Forum Promotion
              Share your forum with our community and find new members
            • => Forum Analysis
              What about getting feedbacks from the other members? They will help you to improve your forum, but don't be touchy
            • => Coming soon  Read: School of Codes

            you can even share with us your suggestions and feedbacks

            Have fun with Fmcodes

            Have fun on fmcodes thanks

            Welcome on the forum of Codes

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