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    (Win credits) Best communities on the web

    • Administrator

        Reputation : 317
        Registered on : 2012-02-22
        Posts : 2362
        School of codes courses: coming soon
      (Win credits) Best communities on the web

      Hello mates

      We are glad to announce the new contest of Fmcodes to promote the return online of our community   

      The whole team has decided to use the same structure we used for the last contest, that was locked in order to open this new one, even better!

      1- Conditions and rules

      • All kind of forum version is accepted: PunBB, PhpBB2, PhpBB3, Invision

      • Your forum must respect the ToS (Terms of Service)

      • The forum must be active

      • You need almost 20 members and 200 posts

      • Forums can be submitted under this announce

      • The deadline is on 28th April 2014   

      • The voting time will be announced after the deadline, and it will last 10 days

      2- Prizes for the winners

      3-5 submittions6-9 submittions9+ submittions
       200 credits

       100 credits
       300 credits

       200 credits
       400 credits

       300 credits
       150 credits

      3- Submittion
      as we said, you just have to reply under this announce with the following form filled in   
      FMcodes entry
      Forum title : type
      Forum address : type
      Forum description (min 50 words): type (what you can offer, why we should hire you, etc)

      FMcodes entry
      Forum title : type
      Forum address : type
      Forum description (min 50 words): type

      Questions can be posted in this topic: https://www.fmcodes.com/t920-

      Thank you guys
      hope you will spread the voice as your members and friends will vote you in the second part of the contest to choose the best forum communities <img src=" longdesc="53">

      See you thanks
      Fmcodes team

      Niko wants you in the team Guest

      Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

      • ***

          Reputation : 0
          Registered on : 2012-04-02
          Posts : 41
        FMcodes entry
        Forum title : SPEED Up! Forums
        Forum address : http://speedup.7forum.net
        Forum description (min 50 words): An international fan forum for Core Contents Media's Boy Group "SPEED"

        • **

            Reputation : 3
            Registered on : 2013-04-25
            Posts : 22
            Feeling good with the new design of FMCodes
          Forum title : BD Tips n Tricks
          Forum address : http://www.bdtipsntricks.com/
          Forum description (min 50 words): Computer, Mobile, Internet Tips n Tricks. Catch the Online Radio, Live TV Streaming, Flash Games and Technology experiences with us. Get the Latest Technology News and Updates and make our Community bigger.

          ! Yeezus
          • **

              Reputation : 1
              Registered on : 2014-03-17
              Posts : 18
              Love Fmcodes
            Forum title : Xenon Duel Academy
            Forum address : http://www.xenonduelacademy.com/
            Forum description (min 50 words): A trading card game based forum that introduces its users to new ideas and opportunity's to expand their horizons. It's about leaving your comfort zone and striving to reach the potential that you know is there. XDA keeps updated with the latest Yu-Gi-Oh news so you will never miss out on anything. We strives to help you help yourself; We have professionals that can guide you, challenges that will make you think, and a community that cannot be compared to any other forum. The only thing we need is you.

            • ***

                Reputation : 0
                Registered on : 2013-12-07
                Posts : 29
              Forum title : Social Academy
              Forum address : http://socialacademy.forums.fm/
              Forum description (min 50 words): SocialAcademy inspired art and design has successfully infiltrated way beyond all precious bounderies

              • Manager

                  Reputation : 30
                  Registered on : 2012-04-17
                  Posts : 199
                amazing forums my friends

                don't forget to invite your friends for this contest so that you will access to the biggest prices thanks

                Good luck everyone

                Welcome on the forum of Codes
                • Veteran staff member

                    Reputation : 2
                    Registered on : 2013-08-27
                    Posts : 78
                  [code]FMcodes entry
                  Forum title : Forum-Help.com
                  Forum address : http://www.forum-help.com
                  Forum description (min 50 words): Yo, everyone! Wassup? Feeling a bit lost because of the codings here and there? Well, here at Forum-Help, we try and provide easier and more efficient ways in order to maximize your forum appearance and user friendliness.
                  We also provide graphics service and mostly any service that Forumotion provides, and we would like to invite you to give our own forum a chance for us to enable to teach, and enlighten you .

                  • Veteran staff member

                      Reputation : 20
                      Registered on : 2012-03-21
                      Posts : 56
                    FMcodes entry
                    Forum title : Project Design
                    Forum address : http://project-d.forumotion.com
                    Forum description (min 50 words): Project Design is an excellent forum that enables you to choose custom skins for your forumotion forum. Skins are quick and easy to select and the collection is updated frequently, giving heaps of choice. Happy skinning!

                    • **

                        Reputation : 0
                        Registered on : 2012-04-28
                        Posts : 14
                      FMcodes entry
                      Forum title : Appzxor
                      Forum address : http://appzxor.omgforum.net
                      Forum description (min 50 words):APPZXOR is a community for browser and flash games which aims to help gamers for their issues, and to give more entertainment we add coding & programming and computer related forums. We are trying to monopolize the forum but it's impossible so we are not responsible for what the user posted, we are just assuring to give an high level entertainment for gamers and computer enthusiasts.

                      • ***

                          Reputation : 2
                          Registered on : 2014-03-29
                          Posts : 27
                          Love Fmcodes
                        Forum title : Paradise Ng Forum

                        Forum address : http://www.paradiseng.com/

                        Forum description (min 50 words): Paradise Ng Forum: The Nigerian discussion forum in Football Clubs, Entertainment, Science/technology and general discussion. The forum has so many sections to discuss many topics.

                        Last edited by Paradiseng on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:24 am; edited 1 time in total

                        • **

                            Reputation : 1
                            Registered on : 2013-08-31
                            Posts : 14
                          Forum title : Converseit
                          Forum address : www.converseit.net
                          Forum description (min 50 words): Converseit is a very unique forum that allows you to talk about anything you want to across many different categories. You can even just shoot the breeze if you want. Converseit is a comfortable place to express your opinion, write articles, write reviews, post your thoughts, or chat with your friends. We also have our own radio station called converseit radio which you can listen to and relax while you create your posts. :)

                          Andi Kadriu
                          • I'm a new member :)

                              Reputation : 0
                              Registered on : 2014-04-25
                              Posts : 3
                              Love Fmcodes
                            Forum title :  Islamishendrit
                            Forum address : http://www.islamishendrit.halofight.com
                            Forum description (min 50 words): Islamishendrit is a very good forum for ISLAMIC CASES, a place where muslims can post islamic movies, islamic cases and all that stuff. I decided to open this kind of forum because there arent much forums that allow people to be free on their thoughts, so for more you can just visit the forum :)

                            • **

                                Reputation : 1
                                Registered on : 2014-03-21
                                Posts : 13
                                Love Fmcodes
                              Forum: Minecraft CS2D Community
                              Forum address: http://www.mc2d.forum2x2.net/
                              Forum description (min 50 words): The forum of the great 'Counter Strike 2D' server. In our community, each of us contribute on making the game/server better. We eliminate hackers, we strictly implement our rules, but we're friendly. Have a personal problem? We can talk on the off-topic section. Have suggestions? We'll try to make that possible, and as soon as possible.

                              • Manager

                                  Reputation : 30
                                  Registered on : 2012-04-17
                                  Posts : 199
                                Time is up!

                                Thanks for joining our contest
                                you can find the voting post at this link:

                                Have fun! thanks

                                Welcome on the forum of Codes

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