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    Hello there all I just wanted to stop by and say hello. How are you all doing?

    About me

    Well heres a little bit about me. I am currently enrolled in DeVry University about to graduate with my associates in media arts and technology and will be moving on to my bachelors right after that. My inspiration to start college was the way I was treated in high school. I always wanted to be put in harder classes but the child study team wouldn't let me try. I told them it was too easy. They said to me that I have a learning disability which was short term memory loss and classified me in the lowest classes possible. 

    In later meetings I told them I wanted to go to college and they told me not to waste my money and that I would never get into college. This outraged me and I had a talk with my mother and told her "I want to go to college." She said if you want to go to college you can go to college and she believed in me.

    I started looking around and found DeVry University. I took the entrance exam and did really well on all the parts except math and they gave me a chance to prove what I could do by accepting me. Math was really hard and I was not good at it so I went to tutoring every single day. After practicing and applying myself I did very well in math. 

    Now to this day I hold a high 3.78 GPA and I am getting pretty much straight A's in school. I will be returning to my high school with my degree to show the teachers they were wrong about me. 

    I hope my story inspired you! :)

    My interest

    • Graphic design
    • Photography
    • tad bit of coding
    • Art
    • writing
    • Current events
    • cars

    :) have an awesome day everyone!

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      Hello mate

      welcome on fmcodes :Good:

      wow what a complete introduction :bene: :bene:

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        welcome on fmcodes thanks

        welcome on fmcodes <img src=" longdesc="58">

        i want to remind you some of the important topics and sections of this wonderful forum




        • => Coding assistance
          Receive support for your forum and your codes
        • => Forum friends
          Find partners ad affiliaites for your forums, or become partner of Fmcodes
        • => Forum ReStyle
          Ask pratical suggestions with codes and design stuffs for your forum
        • => Graphic requests, themes, and more
          Discover the other side of forum management
        • => Forum Promotion
          Share your forum with our community and find new members
        • => Forum Analysis
          What about getting feedbacks from the other members? They will help you to improve your forum, but don't be touchy
        • => Coming soon  Read: School of Codes

        you can even share with us your suggestions and feedbacks

        Have fun with Fmcodes thanks

        Welcome on the forum of Codes
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          Thank you both! I have had such a hectic week with everything going.