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    The Staff list

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      The Staff List

      To have a better contact with the staff we show your our actual team!  :Good:

      AdministratorsThe Staff list Adminactif
      Role : They are the active administrators of this forum. They're role is the one of keeping the forum online and moderating the staff
      FMcodes is not directly contactable. If you have to send technical issues, please PM a board adminsitrator

      Board Administrators

      Niko The Staff list Icon_contact_pm

      ManagersThe Staff list Moderactif
      Role : Their main role is to moderate the forum. To solve your problems you can contact one of the managers. Each manager is in charge of a particular section, but they can moderate in all sections. We specify that, if a problem occurs, you can contact them by PM, instead of trying to solve it between members.
      Tiffany! The Staff list Icon_contact_pm
      Nick The Staff list Icon_contact_pm
      effy The Staff list Icon_contact_pm

      Support moderatorsThe Staff list Aidactif
      Role : Their first role is the one of helping in the forum. They share codes, tutorials and resources to the members of the Forum of Codes; They can have moderation rights to make respected the rules
      ddoesmc The Staff list Icon_contact_pm

      Graphic designersThe Staff list Creactif
      Role : Their role is the one of completing graphic requests and providing ideas and gadgets to our members. They can have also PRO sections; Remember that you can't ask for support by PM
      REXR The Staff list Icon_contact_pm

      Role : Their role is the one of moderating the FMcodes services section from the forum promotion to the forum analysis.Remember that you can't ask for support by PM

      Please, respect the work of our team. If you have personal problems, please contact a Moderator or a Support Moderator.

      Please respect the decisions taken by the staff. Their role is to keep the forum clean and a friendly environment.

      The team of the Forum of Codes

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