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    The Intellectual Property

    The Intellectual Property Marteau

    Intellectual Property

    Wikipedia wrote:With intellectual property indicates the apparatus of the legal principles that are intended toprotect the fruits of human inventiveness and ingenuity, on the basis of these principles, the law gives creators and inventors in a real monopoly in the exploitation of their creations / inventions and puts in their hands some legal instruments to protect against misuse by unauthorized persons.

    The Intellectual Property WarningThis FAQ is, and may be used for informational purposes only. Laws, definitions and the like may differ from this item. This item can not be used as a basis for judicial reasoning.

    the Copyright 
    Copyright means copyright. Copyright is a right which the author defines and licenses according to the demands. However, the default license expresses that copyright protects a copy of any content. 
    License to copy can only be given by the author of the work and, therefore, was not permitted the disclosure or dissemination of any content, Issuers (and who used to consciously work illegally) are subject to the laws described by the criminal law the state in which they reside, if both are in the same country: he is a resident of country X and the copies were made through a website owned by or registered in the country Y. 

    Copyright is then free and can be used indirectly for any new work (by the creator legal) and reserving the right to grant the rights to his creation. However, this protection is difficult to prove, for example, in a courthouse 

    To protect and legally record something with greater value, you must observe the following procedures.There are additional protections in addition to the copyright and also the most effective in court. In all corporate logos, is what business is there is usually a symbol at the top or bottom end of the word. The Intellectual Property 648633

    The Intellectual Property MarteauTradeMark


    Stamp Marcato (™️) is the sign that is representative of a trademark 

    What does this mean? 
    It means that every time a brand has the symbol '™️' does not necessarily mean that a record in the league (country), but perhaps a record in the state or province. This logo can be used by everyone. 

    MyCompany ®

    The trademark, or symbolized by MR (®️) is a brand that has federal registration and its importance and how to register, is the more important in a court of law. With this symbol can be identified more easily and elements are distinguishable from other similar brands on the market. The Intellectual Property 716122

    Every country has the body of rules relating to this record. The INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) has the responsibility to check these records in Brazil and Portugal, but with differences in duediversi countries and is then coordinated by the ministries of countries where the registration has been paid. 

    Creative Commons is a license for the distribution of his work, provided it is credited on the website or in the place where it was distributed. You can choose other assignments and so that it can be deployed, including: 

    • License: This license allows enterprises (legal persons) the use of intellectual property, not only for personal use. This license includes the right to redistribute and sales of its contents. (Unless otherwise specified)

    • License to reuse: This license allows others to use and modify their work freely as long as the credits are assigned to the person or entity who is or has done the initial work.

    Thank you for your attention and have a Good Day thanks 

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