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      Love Fmcodes
    Greetings to everyone!! I am here from past 2-3 days, and finally making an intro (the popup forced me to! :lol: )
    so I'm Rhino.Freak, 17, im basically a fan of forums and all, my hobbies are pretty much everything Artistic (drawing, graphics, animation, spriting etc).. I also am a Game Coder (again a hobby, not job)

    In forums I am interested in CSS stuff, and it made me join this forum. Congrats the forum looks and feels brilliant.

    Well that's it I guess,. Nice to meet everyone!

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      Thank you very much Rhino.Freak :bene:

      Welcome on Fmcodes, nice to meet you :D

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        welcome on fmcodes  :fior: 

        i want to remind you some of the important topics and sections of this wonderful forum




        •  => Coding assistance
          Receive support for your forum and your codes
        •  => Forum friends
          Find partners ad affiliaites for your forums, or become partner of Fmcodes
        •  => Forum ReStyle
          Ask pratical suggestions with codes and design stuffs for your forum
        •  => Graphic requests, themes, and more
          Discover the other side of forum management
        •  => Forum Promotion
          Share your forum with our community and find new members
        •  => Forum Analysis
          What about getting feedbacks from the other members? They will help you to improve your forum, but don't be touchy
        •  => Coming soon  Read: School of Codes

        you can even share with us your suggestions and feedbacks

        Have fun with Fmcodes thanks

        Welcome on the forum of Codes
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            Love Fmcodes
          sure, thanks for welcome ;)

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            Welcome  Cool

            Sup guys 15px10