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    Name of the Forum: YourDesign
    Forum Address: http://yourdesign.forumotion.com
    Type of Review: First impression
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      When I first entered your forum it seemed to be on a work in progress forum, as it is really simple and easy; what about adding some images like in the different forums? that would give a better impression to all the guests and members

      then, I suggest you to merge some cathegories or to add some forums as seeing cathegories with only two forums make the forum a bit lost :bene:

      I would even suggest you to reduce the width of the body of the forum (it looks better)
      .pun {
      width: 80%;

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        Do you still need a review?

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          First impression was not very good. You have in the forum a simple, elegant design, but do not see images from categories(new, no new and locked), show unsightly without those images. Try to you can images there or if you do not move forum description and title to the left.

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            That forum is inactive for a looooong time now, I haven't time for that forums... I have too much job at MyBB and making styles for it and static web pages.

            Forumotion is excellent if you are very new or peoples for peoples who want to help that new users...

            I need to go more and learn more.