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    Members introduction

    Hello Guest,

    It seems that you are new member that came for the first time on Fmcodes, I have the pleasure of saying you

    Welcome on Fmcodes :Good:

    In this section you just have to open a topic and post a short introduction of you, just to make that nasty popup disappear :bene:
    If you don't have any idea of how to start, you can follow this guideline
    Name: type
    Country: type
    Age: type
    Where do you live? type
    What are your hobbies? type
    What do you do in life? type
    How you found us: type
    Other comments: type

    [color=#0099cc][b]Name: [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]Country: [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]Age: [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]Where do you live? [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]What are your hobbies? [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]What do you do in life? [/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]How you found us:[/b][/color] type
    [color=#0099cc][b]Other comments:[/b][/color] type

    Ads for your forum is not accepted here
    After posting your introduction, and going to the home page, a new (the last one, I promise) popup will tell you how to promote your forum on this board :bene:

    If you have some times, after the introduction and the promotion, you can a view at these important topics:

    Thanks for your time, and enjoy our tutorials and services :Good:

    Fmcodes :zen:

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