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    uRandom Forum Analysis

    • ****

        Reputation : 2
        Registered on : 2012-05-19
        Posts : 52
      Link to your Forumotion => http://urandom.forumotion.com/forum
      What would you look at your board? => Everything,except the staff part.
      Any detail? => No not really, just some advice on what I can do to make it better.

      • ***

          Reputation : 1
          Registered on : 2012-08-05
          Posts : 30
        Advertisement removal, and a domain.

        Your forum is very well thought out, covers everything generally discussed by people. Great member count, great post count.

        You might want to cut back on staff members, I know they might help, but having too much staff is a bad idea, it's hard to keep track of them in my opinion.

        Now the theme, the theme is very nice, works with your forum, the coding and graphics are very nice.

        • ****

            Reputation : 2
            Registered on : 2012-05-19
            Posts : 52
          Thanks for the review Hyper! I'll take your thoughts into consideration.

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