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    The Forum In general

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        Reputation : 1
        Registered on : 2012-04-03
        Posts : 20
      I just wanted to congratulate the entire staff on the success of FMCodes. I have been very busy and only sign on from time to time but when I do, I see a new addition or improvement to the site and it is always jaw dropping. I'm glad to be apart of a growing site with active staff and loyal members. Cheers FM Codes ! :Good: Keep it up :bene:

      • Administrator

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          Registered on : 2012-02-22
          Posts : 2364
          School of codes courses: coming soon
        Thanks :D
        If you want to add an avatar on your profile I will add this as a testimonials :D

        Niko wants you in the team Guest

        Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

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            Registered on : 2014-03-11
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            Helping on the forum

          As anyone replied to this topic after 15 days from the latest comment's date, the problem is considered solved or abandonated.

          This topic is locked, thanks for the opening of another topic, of course be care of Respecting the rules. You can ask to open this topic sending me a Private message.

          See you on the Forum of Codes

          FMCodes Support Moderator

          I am very active now! Feel free to PM me anytime.

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