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    Technical maintenance on a domain name

    Hello members of Fmcodes,

    there is a little announce from Forumactif board:
    Gizmo wrote:
    Hello Hello

    For your information, we are actually doing a technical maintenance on the domain name :

    Technical maintenance on a domain name 2012-013

    To ensure the avaibility and the stability of the forums which have this domain name in their URL, we operate a transparent redirection for your users on another domain name :


    • For example : >> will redirect and will be totally available on >>

    No loss of content, data or user is risked. Also, we will redirect automatically the users of each forum to its new URL.

    The founders who don't want to be redirected to can obviously modify the URL of their forum vi the Admin Panel : General >> Forum address. A lot of domain names are proposed for free. Think that you can potentially benefit of a better SEO by chosing a domain name close to the subject of your forum.

    The forums which have a personalized domain name purchased via Forumotion with a forced URL redirection, will not be affected by this transfer. It will be completely transparent.

    We apologize for the inconvenience Wink

    Thanks !

    The Forumotion Team Very Happy

    See you :zen:

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