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    How to take a screenshot


    in this 'Important Point' we'd like to show you, how to take a screenshot of your screen; In this way you can help the team with your problem with codes  :pensiero:

    1. Find a key on your keyboard labeled "PRINT SCREEN"
    How to take a screenshot 500px-Screen-shot-2011-10-28-at-3.18.25-PM

    • Press it once (to capture only the active window, press and hold down the Alt key and then press "PRINT SCREEN").

    • Another way to capture the active window is to press and hold down the Alt key and then press "PRINT SCREEN".

    2. Open a program that allows you to paste the image, such as Paint, Photoshop, or a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or any other document editor (except text-only editors such as NotePad).

    3. Paste the image you took by pressing CTRL + V.
    How to take a screenshot 500px-CV

    4. Save your screen shot by pressing CTRL + S (if in Paint).
    How to take a screenshot 500px-CSkeyb

    5. Done

    Notes: The image that is produced by pressing the Print Screen key is going to be as big as the screen–so it may need to be cropped or shrunk.  :bene:
    Resizing a screen capture may cause the image to appear "squished" or otherwise distorted–if possible only resize by simple measures (reduce 50% for example) rather than arbitrarily.

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