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    Javascript on Forumotion

    First, if you want to add a Javascript to your forum you can go to your Administration Panel > Modules > Html & Javascript:

    And click on Javascript codes management

    And you will see a screen like this one, that for security stuffs we decided to remove the names and the links.

    Now you can have different functions.
  • Enable Javascript code management
    You can decide to activate or deactivate your Javascripts. They won't have any effect on your forum but you can re-active them again whenever you want
  • : Editing a Javascript code
    When you click on this button, as on the other part of the ACP, you can edit the code (we will see the screenshot before...)
  • : Remove a javascript code
    You can selecr the code you want to remove and click on this button. They will disappear forever without possibility to get them back
  • : Create a new Javascript
    Clickin on this button you will be redirected to a new page: The page of Javascript codes adding

  • When you go to the page to create a new Javascript code you will see something like this:

    You have to put a title for your code, that can also be a fake name (this will be useful for you to understand which code it is)

    Then, you can decide in which pages you want to paste the code.

    Note: If a page, as the profile, is not written as a choice you can choose 'In all Pages' and it will be added also in that X page.

    Finally, paste your code.
    When you save your code you will be redirected to the javascript home page and if you click on button you will be able to have a view of the whole code hosted on your board

    Hope this helped you...

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