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    Forumotion Templates
    Just a quick description of what are templates...

    Some of the codes posted in our sections must be applied in templates and to edit the templates in Forumotion you Must be the founder of the forum and you should use PhpBB2 or PunBB.

    Note: In the past Forumotion allowed administrators of forum using Invision or PhpBB3 to buy the editable of templates;

    Now, this function is no more available but some of the oldest forums has templates locked even if they are using PhpBB2 or PunBB. You have just to click on the link to unlock them and you hae solved the problem.

    Don't edit the templates of your forum if you don't know Exactly what to do: This can cause problems to the appearance of your forum. To help you we show you the function of the editing of templates.

    : It allows you to show the changes you did without adding them to the forum. It is a Preview

    : It allows you to publish your new template and the changes you did in the past will be shown to all the members and guests.

    :It allows you to edit the templates.

    : It allows you to remove the current template (edited) and to get back to the original one.
    Note: You won't be able to restore the edited template one you remove it!

    Click on Default value to open the page with the original template.

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