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    Cookies for Theme


    Save the cookies for the theme you chose with the theme-selector

    Set up

    First, you have to set up this tutorial:
    Now we can go on...

    First, you should have a default theme, so when there are no Cookies you will see the default theme :bene:
    Now, add this javascript code:
    if(my_getcookie("sstyle")) { $("#tstyle").attr("href", my_getcookie('sstyle')); }

    In this code:
    $("#tstyle").attr("href", my_getcookie('sstyle'));
    $("#tstyle").attr("href", '');

    Customize the tutorial

    Just edit with your own default theme link

    Technical problems

    The tutorial was tested on this forum and with the browser Google Chrome; If you notice that the tutorial doesn't work for a browser or for a version of forum (PhpBB2, PhpBB3, PunBB, Invision) contact an administrator and we will fill this field with your reporting.

    Thanks, the staff

    For every problem or question please, contact us in the section Support for the tutorials, The staff will answer you as soon as it is possible...

    The team of the Forum of Codes.

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