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    How much time do you spend in your forum?

    • Administrator

        Reputation : 317
        Registered on : 2012-02-22
        Posts : 2366
        School of codes courses: coming soon

      Well this topic is to discuss how much time they spend managing it on your board, creating ads / threads, participate, and so on.
      I'll take about 3 hrs online (+ 2 hours offline) , posting and viewing subjects to participate ^ ^. Do you? yes

      Niko wants you in the team Guest

      Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

      • *****

          Reputation : 3
          Registered on : 2012-05-02
          Posts : 197
        Not so much... 2/3 houers per day!
        I visit the forum..if i see something new I replay or post others :d

        • *****

            Reputation : 0
            Registered on : 2012-05-28
            Posts : 132
          Actually I sets up de Version 3, so i work a lot on it...

          I think it's about 3-4 hours a day... Like you probably the most time is for read, reply, add some contents, edit the design, and lot more...


          • **

              Reputation : 0
              Registered on : 2012-05-28
              Posts : 12
            It depends for me really. If there is updates or a surge in posts. or something I need to add.

            It depends.

            I look in and do a few things each day though for sure.

            I also help out on a few forums so I try to look in on them as well

            Tonight /A/
            • ***

                Reputation : 0
                Registered on : 2012-04-07
                Posts : 27
              ~2h a day

              Cookin Soul
              • ***

                  Reputation : 0
                  Registered on : 2012-04-25
                  Posts : 25
                from one to 2 hours depending on the possibilities

                • **

                    Reputation : 0
                    Registered on : 2012-06-06
                    Posts : 10
                  I have a bit of a problem, given that I regularly log in 5~6 hours daily on computer/forum time.
                  I'm a roleplayer--I've got no choice, hahaha.

                  • I'm a new member :)

                      Reputation : 0
                      Registered on : 2014-05-04
                      Posts : 7
                      Love Fmcodes
                    I made a relative active forum about a year ago.

                    I have a slight- breakdown on how much time that can consume(averagely):
                    x) Owner: 4-12 hours a day

                    I've quit owning that forum a long while ago, now as an active member of a community on a forum it consumes(averagely):
                    x) Member: 3-7 hours a day.

                    It helps when you're spending your entire day on your laptop and have 3 monitors though, haha. 


                    • Veteran staff member

                        Reputation : 8
                        Registered on : 2012-04-07
                        Posts : 174
                        Its Yoshi Time
                      I spend between 4rs to 8hrs.

                      I'm really adiccted to the forums lol.

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