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    Button: Send and block

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        Registered on : 2012-05-24
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      First topic message reminder :

      I would like to know how to add this button by clicking automatically locks the topic already and leave a message automatically

      Button: Send and block - Page 2 YuKrA

      • Guest


          Try with adding this CSS:

          #pun-qpost .frm-buttons,#pun-qpost .frm-form,#pun-qpost .main-content,#pun-qpost .main-head{
          -moz-box-shadow:0 0 0 0!important;
          -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 0 0!important;
          box-shadow:0 0 0 0!important

          #pun-qpost .dd-textarea,#pun-qpost .frm-buttons,#pun-qpost .left-box,#pun-qpost .menurad{text-align:center}
          #pun-qpost .frm-set{margin:0!important}


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            As anyone replied to this topic after 15 days from the latest comment's date, the problem is considered solved or abandonated.

            This topic is locked, thanks for the opening of another topic, of course be care of Respecting the rules. You can ask to open this topic sending me a Private message.

            See you on FMcodes

            Note: If you need an answer of your problem, we suggest you to send a private message to a Moderator asking him to move this topic back :zen:

            Niko wants you in the team Guest

            Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

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