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    Hi all,

    step tell you that Facebook just added to its platform the option to enter if you are an organ donor and why. Wink
    The social network CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said he was inspired in the case of Apple founder Steve Jobs, when he received a liver transplant and this lasted a longer life.

    The option is only available to users in the United States, within the Health and Wellness information where there is a tab that identifies the user as a donor. :pensiero:

    The idea is to serve as evidence for the family of the final consent to donate your organs relative, and partly to make clear the will of the individual concerned. Zuckerberg, supported by his girlfriend, medical student, told a statement that he "never could have predicted that what started as a small network would become a powerful tool for communication and problem solving." :fior:

    So "we hope these tools help transform the way people solve social problems." According to U.S. figures, currently 114 000 patients are registered awaiting an organ that allows to save and prolong life . However, according to calculations made ​​by Facebook, 18 of them die every day waiting for that transplant that never came. Although it is available only to U.S., it is expected that as the months pass start adding the rest of the country. Source: States See Instant Organ Donors Following Spike in Facebook Push (ABCNews).

    What do you think? Do you donate?

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