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    ~ Rules section analysis ~

    Hello members,

    to use this section we suggest you to read this guideline :bene: 


    1. All kind of websites are accepted (not only Forumotion)
    2. Forumotion terms of service must be respected
      Otherwsie your topic will be locked and refused
    3. Bumping your request for attention is permitted only after 48hours
      Once your topic has been tagged, BUMPs are no more allowed
    4. Reviews requests must respect the form
    5. All forums that are requested to be reviewed should be in English!
      btw, we can decide to review it even if in another language
    6. Once your review has been tagged, no one else may tag it.
      The tagger must complete it unless he/she requests that it be un-tagged due to an issue.


    • Full Review: 300posts ll Forum Members: 75
    • Some areas review 100posts ll Forum Members: 35
    • First impression 30posts ll Forum Members: 5

    Review form

    Name of the Forum: Information Here
    Forum Address: Information Here
    Type of Review: type
    Your Name on the board: type[/b]
    [color=#00A5CD][b]Name of the Forum:[/b][/color] Information Here
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Forum Address:[/b][/color] Information Here
    [color=#00A5CD][b]Type of Review:[/b][/color] [u]type[/u]
    [b][color=#7CBA2C]Your Name on the board:[/b][/color] [u]type[/u][/b]

    Official Forum Areas (same as English support forum)
    These are the only areas you can put when requesting a two or one area review. These can't be used for any other type of review, but only the two and one area reviews.
    Quick Review - The first impressions of a reviewer on the forum, the review gives the pros and cons of the forum.
    Graphics & Design - Description (Don't put in Request!): The graphics of you're forum and it's overall design put into a short summary of about one paragraph.
    Forum Activity - Description (Don't put in Request!): This aspect involves looking over at the how many staff/user groups there are, the staff/user activity, the number of messages posted on the forum and number of users on the forum.
    Staff & Usergroups – Description – (Don’t put in Request): When you request this review the reviewer will look and evaluate your staff numbers and evaluate your usergroups, giving you useful tips and advice.
    Originality - Description (Don't put in Request!): When you request Originality as a review, the reviewer will describe what's unique about your forum, and what isn't. The reviewer will also provide ideas that can make your forum unique in more ways than one, all in one short paragraph.

    Questions are allowed in this topic

    Thanks for your attention  :birra:

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