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    Rules: Forum friends
    Hello members,

    Following a suggestion we decided to open this section. Such as a good forum these are the rules of this section:   yes 

    1. Flood is not allowed in this forum
    2. You must be clear what they intend to achieve by putting a descriptive title.
    3. How to post your topic
      Forum name + Forum address + what you are looking for
    4. Banner + main forum topic description
    5. Once you want to close your topic, you just have to set the subject icon to solved

    This guideline could help you

    Announce Type: write
    Forum address: write
    Contents: write
    What are you lookin for: write
    [color=#cc0000][b]Announce Type: [/b][/color][i]write[/i]
    [color=#cc0000][b]Forum address: [/b][/color][i]write[/i]
    [color=#cc0000][b]Contents: [/b][/color][i]write[/i]
    [color=#cc0000][b]What are you lookin for: [/b][/color][i]write[/i]

    In this section you can (as the description says):
    [...]propose pacts, treaties and exchanges between your forum and others. What do you expect?

    Open your topic here and discover all you can ally with other Webmasters :bene:

    Fmcodes team

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