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    The forum of the Board: THE WINNERS!
    The forum of the Board: THE WINNERS! Best-f10


    after a long period of Submitting and a long period of votes, we announced the winners Hehe
    They had the chance to choose their own price in our three proposals:

    1st Runawayhorses with Runaway Horses Forum
    He won the
    Forum advertisement - Soon, we will have a portal on our forum as home page and you will have your own medium-banner in our page! You be able to edit it, to paste messages and all what you want (but you must stay in 750x150 pixel space)

    2nd TheKing with Photoshop Lounge
    He won the
    Forum maintenance! - We will join in your forum and we will improve your forum with some tips and codes to improve your forum design; We will power your forum with some curious tips..

    Thanks for your participation bacio
    Soon, We will have another contest with other winners I hope :bene:

    The team of the Forum of Codes.

    Niko wants you in the team Guest

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      Congratulations! yes

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          Congrat the winner :Good:

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            Congrads to all!

            The forum of the Board: THE WINNERS! 15px10
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              Thank you very much to everyone we appreciate it.. Smiley

              And congrats to Photoshop Lounge for coming in second they gave us a good race. Everyone be sure to check them out its a great site.