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    => Forum's Rules: 1st Part of Contests
    Hello members,


    This is a rubric on how to entertain the forum's users.

    How do

    In this first part, we speak about the Number Contest.

    This is apparently a simple contest but it isn't so. The Number Contest is the most populated contest of the forums because it attracts many unregistered users.
    You can put up for grabs an award or coins of the forum.
    In the FDC, for example, we have the "Points". You can put up for grabs 1000 Points for the first place, 750 for the second place and 500 for the third place.

    With the Number Contest, you can take advantage to increase the number of posts on the forum. In fact you can choose the final number, the winning.
    If you choose the number 100, the 100 is the first place; the 101 is the second place; the 102 is the third place.

    Come on!



    Technical problems

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