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    [INTERVIEW] ExtremTutorials
    "A forum full of creativity"

    About me

    What's your name?
    My name is Roşioru Cosmin.
    How old are you?
    I am 15 years old.
    Where do you live?
    I live in Romania, city: Brăila.
    What is your dream?
    To be a expert in webdesign (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc..)
    Which are your hobbies?
    WebDesign, football, basket & PC-GAMES ( GTA IV, CounterStrike 1.6, Shaiya, Dota, World Of Warcraft 3 and more .. )
    What do you want to do in the future?
    I want to become teacher in my country. :) .
    How did you discover forumotion
    I discovered forumotion by pure chance while surfing the Internet
    And how do you become staff on ExtremTutorials?
    I don't know. I try to help users who have't knowledge in this field.

    About ExtremTutorials

    You are the founder of the Kalleankafansite forum, what do you want to achieve with it?
    I want to help other users of Forumotion :)
    I see its a very active community, how you handle that?
    I can not say that they enjoy a "success" anyway, the answer is very simple and every webmaster should know the contents (all visitors must first have a reason to come to your site), promotion and design The most pleasant sight, but also compatible with as many web browsers.
    Did you do all the work?
    No. All work done on the forum is due by me and Stefan (Owner)
    So, what gave you idea to start a Forum?
    I would be hypocritical to say too much because I want to help others. I created the forum to gather experience for a career in web design, helping others and seeking to answer difficult questions as I can say that I have collected a minimum experience.
    How long does the Forum exist?
    Webmaster Forum Support My recently turned 2 years old, although I can not say that I have a success (in my opinion the success of a forum is directly proportional to the money after following his wins, and I at this moment I can not I brag too much money out of my forum).
    Last question, any plans in the future for the Forum?
    I want to make a new section with payment. Already using Blog Money, but of course I would like paid advertisement in the forum.


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