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    How to add a new group


    Hello members,

    in this topic I'll show you how to add a new group for your forum. You needn't the founder of the forum, because all users in the admin group can add new groups.

    Set up

    You have to go here: ACP->Users&Groups->Groups->Group Administration
    You have to click on the button "Create new group".
    There you can add these allegations:
    Group name: Add the name of the group
    Group description: Add the description of the group
    Group moderator: Add the moderator of the group
    Group members color: Add the color that the group and its members will have
    Color group members: Enable that the members of the group will be allegorized in this color
    Group order: Add the order of the group
    Group status: Add the status of the group ( Opened Group; Closed Group; Hidden group )
    Permission to send PM Mailings: Add the kind of members that will be allowed to send a PM Mailing to the group members
    Group auto-subscribe: Add the allegation that acts up if members will be auto-subscribed. If you choose "Yes" you can also affect the post minimum.

    Customize the tutorial

    You can add each color you want for the group and you can decide which allegations you choose in the group administration.


    How to add a new group  Group_10

    Technical problems

    For every problem or question please, contact us in the section Support for the tutorials, The staff will answer you as soon as it is possible...

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