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    How to suggest on this forum

    Hello members,

    Before posting new suggestions we want to advert you of some rules that you have to follow to promote your idea

    Promote your idea

    If you want that your suggestion will be used on this forum you have to follow some rules...

    • Check if it was already suggested
      It can be that someone had already suggested your idea, and it can be denied! But if you thin that it can be useful you can suggest it another time, and See...
    • Suggestions about codes
      If your suggestions consists on a code to add on this forum you must have the written permission of the real creator (Post a screen), and you have to show us an online-demostration
    • Forumactif suggestions
      We remind you that we are not a support forum, so we can not accept suggestions for your forums. Ask in your support forum
    • Post if you don't know
      Every suggestion can be valid: Post it also if you don't know if it is good or bad
    • Add a Pool in your new thread
      When you open a new suggestions add a pool for your idea. In this way the other members can share their opinion.
    • Pool's options
      You can use only two options for your pool: YES or NO. The other option will be deleted from the team
    • You can choose only one option
      When you create a pool you can only choose one option: So the poster must uneable the "More answers-option"
    • Time is out
      The team decide when the suggestion is out of date. Please don't use a deadline

    Note: These are just some of your works... The list will be updated every time

    The team of the Forum of Codes.

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