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      Forumotion Themes Rules

      In this section, you can share your own themes designed for Forumotion Forums and install other people's themes on your forum. But you must follow some rules:


      • The theme must be created by you
        If it isn't, it will be removed
      • The theme mustn't contain copyrighted images
        Or else it will be removed/refused
      • You must use the following form when you post new themes:

        Version: Content
        Personalized CSS: Yes/No
        Description: Content here
        Templates: Content here
        Preview: Link here
        Install: Link here

        <div class="grform">
        <font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Version:</strong></font> Content
        <font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Personalized CSS:</strong></font> Yes/No
        <font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Description:</strong></font> Content here
        <font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Templates:</strong></font> Content here
        <font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Preview:</strong></font> Link here
        <font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Install:</strong></font> Link here

      If you have some questions, contact the administrators! Wink

      The Forum of Codes

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        From now, questions about this section are allowed under this topic as posts :)

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