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    The best of our community

    The Forum of Codes has decided to reward the best members of our community with a new rank!

    What is this rank for?

    The team of the Forum of Codes decided to reward the best members of this forum that have spent so much time on this forum helping and sharing resources.

    To reward this members we have decided to add a new rank: Helpers. This rank will be something from the staff to say 'thanks' to the best members.

    To become part of this team you must:
    • Have the warning bar to 100%
    • Be active and polite on this forum

    Attention: This price doesn't give you special rights. This could be considered the first step to become a member of our team. Now, the members can't have less than 50%, and you must respect the rules.

    Having this rank doesn't mean that you must do something

    Role : These are the helpers of the forum, or the most active members of our community.
    Note: They're not part of the team, Avoid asking them questions about this forum

    Well done to all this members!|!|! Go and help our community. . .

    The team of the Forum of Codes.

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