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    How to create a profile field
    Hello members,


    This is a tutorial on how to create a profile field on your forum.

    How do

    For create a profile field, go in your administration control panel like this:
    > ACP | Users and Groups | Profile | Profiles

    Now you can view the list of the existing profile field. To add a field, click on the button How to create a profile field Ajouter

    After this, select the field type (Text Field, Text Area, Date...); the name of the profile field (to show on the user's profile); description of the profile field; the URL icon; Must be filled; Posting; Posting Type; Who can change the value of its contents; User's Stat; Separator Type.
    After, click on the "Register" button.


    How to create a profile field 33w8h77

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      Is deleted image tinypic :pensiero:

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        Good tutorial, some people might not know how. :)

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          Your resource has been accepted
          Thanks for your proposal and we hope you will share others :bene:

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