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    How to send an E-Mail to all the members

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        Reputation : 4
        Registered on : 2012-03-19
        Posts : 52
      How to send an E-Mail to all the members


      This is a tutorial on how to send an E-Mail to all the members of your forum.

      How do

      For write and send the mail, go in your administration control panel like this:
      > ACP | General | Newsletter | Write and Send

      Now you can select the E-Mail Text Format (recommended HTML), the recipients, the E-Mail Object and the E-Mail in HTML or the E-Mail Text (depending on the first option selected).

      After this, click on "Preview" and after click on "Send the E-Mail".


      Technical problems

      For every problem or question please, contact us in the section Support for the tutorials, The staff will answer you as soon as it is possible...

      The team of the Forum of Codes.

      • Veteran staff member

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          Registered on : 2012-02-25
          Posts : 98
        Even though I knew it, may be useful to others;)

        • Veteran staff member

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            Registered on : 2012-03-27
            Posts : 116
          Yeah, it's useful for new members and admins of Forumotion. ;)

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