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    Hello everyone!

    • I'm a new member :)

        Reputation : 0
        Registered on : 2017-04-19
        Posts : 2
        Love Fmcodes
      Country: Switzerland
      Age: 21
      Where do you live? Switzerland
      What are your hobbies? Programming, gaming, animals, TCGs, anime, swimming, climbing....
      What do you do in life? I am an informatics student, so yeah, I am simply studying. My timetable is quite busy, that's why I am also not an active administrator in the linked forum anymore (just the founder). However, I still love to occasionally help with codes or learn new things. 
      How you found us: Google

      Edit: I removed the link on website now, because it was written in the rules that in the profile fields should be no links.

      • Administrator

          Reputation : 21
          Registered on : 2012-02-15
          Posts : 178
          Installing the new status system
        Welcome on Fmcodes ^^

        Note: Please contact Niko for forum problems   yes 

        - editboard@fmcodes.com
        • I'm a new member :)

            Reputation : 0
            Registered on : 2017-04-27
            Posts : 6
            Love Fmcodes
          i am a new member too!

          • Administrator

              Reputation : 317
              Registered on : 2012-02-22
              Posts : 2364
              School of codes courses: coming soon
            Welcome here both :Good:

            Niko wants you in the team Guest

            Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

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