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    So here you have the navigation bar (sort of) on the side. Where it says, forums, partners, members, tutorials, with the images.

    How do you do that? Is it just a widget?

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      Hello @DL747

      it is done thanks to templates :D

      but basically you can do it even with a simple widget:
      - setting the left (or right) column-width to something like 15%
      - creating a widget without table-style like this:
      [table][tr][td]LINK 1[/td][/tr]
      [tr][td]LINK 2[/td][/tr]
      [tr][td]LINK 3[/td][/tr][/table]

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        The answer by Niko is valid for this question.
        So, topic marked as solved and moved to the correct section.