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    Request: Navigation bar

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        Reputation : 0
        Registered on : 2012-03-22
        Posts : 30
      Nature of the Creation:Navigation bar
      Size (In Pixels): The same size as the ones in my forum
      With or Without Animation: No
      Main Colors:Any Natury colors
      Pictures & Links: Any natury image
      Home, Portal, Calender, Gallery, FAQ, Search, Members, Usergroups, Profile, Log-in, Log-out, Register, PMs, New PMs Title
      Font (Provide Download Link): Any natury fonts
      Font Color: Any natury colors
      Link to My Forumotion Forum:http://rmsoutdoors.forumotion.com/
      Extra Comments:
      Make it as good as you can! yes :D

      • Administrator

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          Registered on : 2012-02-22
          Posts : 2364
          School of codes courses: coming soon

        Note: Writing I am proposing a navagation bar means that you are sharing a navbar :pensiero:
        But It's ok I fixed it... :zen:


        Niko wants you in the team Guest

        Community manager and Administrator at Forumattivo.com

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            Registered on : 2012-03-24
            Posts : 30
          Request: Navigation bar Question_mark
          Is your problem still relevant?

          You have two solutions :

          • Your thread is solved, so you can help us by marking your topic as solved by editing your first message;
          • Your thread isn't solved, so you have to bump it every 24 hours to show that your request is not completed.

          See you on The Forum of Codes. Smile

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              Registered on : 2012-03-22
              Posts : 30
            oh. srry.... BUMP (it was locked...)

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                Registered on : 2012-03-22
                Posts : 30

              • Veteran staff member

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                  Registered on : 2012-03-21
                  Posts : 56

                Request: Navigation bar Button35

                Request: Navigation bar Button36

                Request: Navigation bar Button37

                Request: Navigation bar Button38

                Request: Navigation bar Button39

                Request: Navigation bar Button40

                Request: Navigation bar Button41

                Request: Navigation bar Button42

                Request: Navigation bar Button43

                Request: Navigation bar Button44

                Request: Navigation bar Button45

                Request: Navigation bar Button46

                Request: Navigation bar Button47

                Request: Navigation bar Button48

                Request: Navigation bar Button49

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                    Registered on : 2012-03-22
                    Posts : 30
                  Thanks Genji! I love those! Topic solved. lock please

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