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    Hi, I'm VoiceNotes~

    • I'm a new member :)

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        Registered on : 2015-04-05
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        Love Fmcodes
      Name: Mel
      Country: United States of America
      Age: I'm 14
      Where do you live? Ohio
      What are your hobbies? Uh, I don't really do much. I draw and craft a lot, and roleplay with my friends! I waste most of my time on Tumblr, though.
      What do you do in life? Not much! I'm young, so... 
      How you found us: My friend showed me!
      Other comments: Uhhhh, this site is pretty nice. ;P

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          School of codes courses: coming soon
        Welcome Mel :Good:

        Niko wants you in the team Guest

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