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    PACE Customized Loading

    PACE Customized Loading 53fixCB

    This is a simple and easy way to have a cool loading on your website or forum like our forum.

    This is available in any and different forum versions or different browsers

    First things first you have to have an account in Eager >

    Then login.

    Then click SITES

    Put the SITE NAME


    It should look like this

    PACE Customized Loading QSSHDMu

    Then after that click SAVE

    Then after that 

    Click COPY and do the following instructions below this picture

    PACE Customized Loading ObimKj2

    If your using FORUMOTION put it on

    Administration Panel > Display > Templates > Overall_Header

    Put it below the .

    If your using other forums or websites

    Just put it below the of your website.


    okay this is the part two of the tutorial

    this is much easier now ...

    this is how you can put the PACE Loading 

    Go to

    Scroll down and find PACE then click INSTALL

    PACE Customized Loading BVNxmS8

    Then after that look at this picture you will see COLOR & THEME

    PACE Customized Loading NVQmtnk

    You can see the preview of the loading of the themes in the right side of the website

    After your done making your choices on the theme of the PACE

    Click INSTALL.

    ENJOY YOUR COOL PACE LOADING ! PACE Customized Loading Icon_biggrin

    Credits to InvisionVirus Owner of Wilmar & Part Owner of Invision vIRUS
    Credits to InvisionVirus for the tutorial & pictures.