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    Next contest: ideas and feedbacks

    Hello fmcodes

    up to now we have

    more than 10.000 credits

    and we would like to give the opportunity to all of you to win some of them

    But we need your help!
    You can reply under this topic telling us..

    which kind of contest would you like to have on fmcodes
    we will have a look at all your ideas and we will make a poll  to see the favourite one..
    Spread the voice[/size]
    and your ideas!

    Have a nice day!

    Welcome on the forum of Codes
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        Check out our new contest!
      We really need your ideas! :fior:

      Welcome on fmcodes
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          School of codes courses: coming soon
        yes please, we want to open a new contest as soon as possible :Good: 

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