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    Graphic Contests

    To ensure a good running in this section, here are the rules and procedure which are specific to the "Graphic Contests" section.

    The contests - How do it work?

    For every new contest, a topic will be opened with the contest theme (ex : avatar kit, banner), the requirements (picture size, text to insert, etc.) and its duration (it will vary according to the difficulty level) will be set up by the Graphic Designers.

    Once this topic is posted, all participants are invited to post their creations in the topic before the deadline which will be indicated in the topic.

    Once the deadline is reached, all the creations who are in accordance with the requirement will be submitted to a vote for one week.

    In the event of having more than 10 participants, they will be split in two groups and two polls will run simultaneously. The winner of each poll will face each other in a final vote.

    Because the authors' names may influence the members' choice, their names will not be revealed until the votes are over. The members must vote for the creation, not for the author.

    All contest winners will have their names and creations posted in a Hall of Fame topic as a reward.

    Do's and Dont's

    During the first part of the contest
    - You are allowed to post questions related to the contest, in the contest topic. Flood, off-topic, spamming, arguing, trolling are not tolerated.

    During the votes
    - If you post a reply, don't just say "I vote for #2" or stuff like that. We ask you to do a minimum of efforts to develop your post, by explaining why you chose the creation #4 and what you liked in this creation.
    - You are not allowed to incite people to vote for X or Y
    - You are not allowed to tell who made the creation X or Y until the votes are over.
    - We also ask you to avoid flamewars in the vote topic. In case of conflicts with another member, we ask you to settle this by private messages.

    Thanks for reading these rules, and enjoy the contest

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