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    Graphic Requests Rules

    In this section our team of Graphic Designers will complete your requests; For example you can ask for a banner, an avatar, an userbar, etc...


    • You have to use this form for each request you make:

      Nature of the Creation: (Buttons, Avatar, Navbar)
      Size (In Pixels): width X height
      With or Without Animation: Yes/No
      Main Colors:
      Pictures & Links: Post links (not the images)
      Text to Insert : Title, Subtitle, etc...
      Font (Provide Download Link): (You can post the font link)
      Font Color: 
      Link to My Forumotion Forum: Forum of Codes
      Extra Comments:

      <div class="grform"><font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Nature of the Creation:</strong></font> (Buttons, Avatar, Navbar)<br><font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Size (In Pixels):</strong></font> width X height<br><font color="#00A5CD"><strong>With or Without Animation:</strong></font> Yes/No<br><font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Main Colors:</strong></font><br><font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Pictures & Links:</strong></font> Post links (not the images)<br><font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Text to Insert :</strong></font> Title, Subtitle, etc...<br><font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Font (Provide Download Link):</strong></font> (You can post the font link)<br><font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Font Color:</strong></font>&nbsp;<br><font color="#00A5CD"><strong>Link to My Forumotion Forum:</strong></font> <a href="/forum" target="_blank" >Forum of Codes</a><br><font color="#7CBA2C"><strong>Extra Comments:</strong></font></div>

    • You can ask for a request only once a week
      Any extra requests will be trashed without any notice
    • Bumps are accepted only once every 24 hours
      The users have also a real life and it is more important than their role
    • Remember to start with an explicit title
      It should contain the general nature of your request.
      Note: Requests with invalid or non-explicit titles will be locked or deleted. Also, the Graphic Designers aren't obligated to do all requests, so please don't try harass them and make them do your request.
    • It is the Graphics Designer's job to do these requests,
      In general all members can try to complete a graphics request
    • You are not allowed to Bump after a TAG
      When a Graphic Designer is working on a request he will tag it by posting in the thread and adding an "In Progress" icon to the topic. You are not allowed to bump your request when it has been tagged by a Graphic Designer.
    • Once your request is finished the Graphic Designer will post the product in the thread and await your approval
      If the finish product is to your liking, please change the thread icon to "Complete" so a Graphic Designer can lock it.
    • You aren't allowed to request via PM
      This is very annoying to members and staff, please just create a thread.
    • The request was TRASHED

      • Your request is unclear or impossible to complete.
      • Your site is illegal, blocked by Online Guardian, or if you request graphics for a non-Forumotion forum.
      • You have been banned from the Support Forum.
      • You are requesting a Navigation Bar.
      • You used copyrighted images or content in your request. Go here for information on copyrights.

    This rules are only to help our team to work faster and easier :)
    This will keep the forum in order and everyone can understand everything :)

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