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    Support to Tutorials
    Hello guys,

    We suppose that you have found a tutorial but it doesn't work or you can't set up the codes written in it. You don't want to wait the answer of the support forum so: You can ask to us!

    Write a topic for help

    To make the answer faster you can help us providing these informations in the main message:

    • Correct title for the problem
    • A short description of the problem
    • If you have already tryed to fix the problem post what you did in a Quote tag
    • You can provide screenshots of the problem (optional)
    • You can provide external tutorials to help you better (optional)
    • Provide your URL (Obligatory)

    First, we invite you to contact the support forums of your country if you need help for simple things like "How to change the colors, ecc."; We don't give support for Forumotion, but for tutorials. You can only ask for help about Forumotion problems in the premium section.
    The tutorials had been written by our team or our members, and someone is copyed (with auths) by the posters.

    For each problems contact the Forum administrators.

    The Forum of Codes

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